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Head Pilot

In complete autonomy, this contactless technical aid makes a computer accessible thanks to its webcam and the movements of my head.

Ability Browser

Free, this assistive technology integrating Head Pilot allows you to navigate and interact on the Internet without a keyboard or mouse


Fully customizable and configurable, this Alternative Communication Tool (ACT) has 4 interaction modes and home automation functions.


ACCESSwitch© is a USB adapter that transcribes the signal from one or two switches into a keyboard or mouse action.

Audit RGAA

Digital accessibility audit and training for compliance of your media.

Our Integrations

We study all requests for integration into your media according to your needs.

Who are we ?

Because disability is born from a non-adapted environment, digital accessibility remains a major challenge for all those who have a difference.

The autonomy of a part of society is regularly questioned when it comes to imagining, designing or communicating.

ACCESS-MAN‘s ambition is to improve the autonomy of those who are far from the digital world and to bring concrete and adapted solutions. During all our developments, end users are placed at the center of the project.

With the support of medical professionals, associations and caregivers, we deploy our skills for a digital world accessible to the greatest number.

Our strengths


Intuitive and easy-to-use solutions.

Available and reactive.

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