Baniére Pictocom

PICTOCOM helps with

Communication and Home Automation

The PICTOCOM system is an Enhanced Alternative Communication (EAC) tool with home automation control functions.

The user communicates through the selection of pictograms, images or text, included in a succession of tree structures. 

Fully customizable, its environment adapts to each need or specificity.

Product strengths

The PICTOCOM system offers a choice of 4 interaction modes :


Mouse or Trackball

Sequential mode with contactor

Head movements

Edit as needed...

Each pictogram can be edited with a visual, a text and a function.

  • Communication

The user relies on a set of available or personal visuals: Pictograms, images, photos …

Each button can be completed by a text, a voice synthesis, a redirection function on a specific page, or, an associated home automation function.

  • Domotics

Pictocom is also the possibility to control your environment. 

By infrared or wifi, a specific extension allows you to communicate directly with all your connected objects, or remote control (television, decoder, connected speaker, …)

Equipped establishments

Prices and compatibilities

Frequently asked questions

How can I acquire the license?

It is very simple, contact ACCESS-MAN via the contact form or by phone.

A consultant will ensure the compatibility of your digital media before purchasing the license. He will also answer all your questions for an optimal use of the solution.

What is the Head Pilot interaction mode?

Developed by ACCESS-MAN, Head Pilot allows you to interact with the only movements of your head and the webcam of your computer or tablet.

You will find all the information on its product page.

How to edit a profile with Pictocom?

The system includes a simple and intuitive editing mode. 
Activate the “Edit” button available in the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Once activated, select the stylus of the button and fill in the visual elements on the first page and the associated commands on the second page.

A consultant is available by phone to help you learn how to use the editing mode. Contact him if you need help.

Is it possible to configure Pictocom according to very specific needs?

Yes, the strength of Pictocom’s system is that it is entirely customizable.

Each specificity is able to find a solution by the image, the text, or the associated function. A home automation extension completes the system by controlling the environment.

Also, the interaction modes cover a very large field of users according to the nature of the need.

Contact us: a consultant will study your needs and will accompany you in your research.

How to add an image from your computer in Pictocom?

Go to the edit mode of the button then in the image field, click on “Browse”.

At the top left, select the File or Folder icon to access the contents of your computer.

If needed, a consultant is available by phone to help you get started with Pictocom.