Head Pilot : Pilotez un ordinateur avec les mouvements de la tête !

Your computer accessible in complete autonomy with Head Pilot!

Head Pilot: Pilot a computer with your head movements!

Head Pilot allows you to control your computer, this technology of assistance in Head Tracking, without contact, intended for people who cannot use a traditional keyboard, or a mouse. The user controls the cursor and generates a click by temporization thanks to its webcam and the only movements of the head.

An always accessible menu allows you to activate auto-click, choose the type of click, deploy a virtual keyboard and access many functions.

Its settings ensure that the experience is tailored to meet the needs of its user, such as horizontal or vertical sensitivity, and click temporization.

Head Pilot is one of the rare digital technical aids to have been the subject of a clinical trial plan in partnership with the Caen University Hospital and the INSERM-COMETE U1075 laboratory of the University of Normandy (Caen).

Product strengths

Quick overview of Head Pilot

Example interfaces

Discover some of the possible uses of Head Pilot

Prices and Compatibility

Processor: 1.6 Ghz

RAM 1 Go

Space required : 50 Mo

Camera : 30 fps min.

Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a licence?

You can contact ACCESS-MAN via the contact form or by phone.

An advisor will ensure the compatibility of your digital media before purchasing the licence.

How to click with the HeadPilot cursor?

Activate “Auto-click” in the Head Pilot menu bar by stopping the cursor above the tab. A countdown illustrated by blue circles will start to select this mode.

Once selected, it will be applied to all the actions chosen.

Désactivez le mode de la même manière

How to choose the type of click?

Activate “Auto-click”, click on the “Click type” tab of the menu, and select your choice.

How to scroll down or up a page?

Position the cursor at the bottom or top of the screen. An animation illustrated by blue arrows in the cursor will indicate that the action is in progress.

How do I make the HeadPilot keyboard appear?

Activate “Auto-click”, click on the “Shortcut” tab, and select the “keyboard” tab.

We invite you to contact us to submit your favourite sites and inform them of your accessibility issues.

How do I move the HeadPilot menu or keyboard? 

Click once on the ACCESS-MAN logo on the menu bar or keyboard and move it to the desired location. Click a second time to drop it.

How do I adjust all the HeadPilot settings?

Activate “Auto-click” and click on the “Settings” tab. A menu is available for all setting actions. 

How to add an application as a shortcut?

Click on the “Settings” tab, on “Application”, and on the “Add” button. Fill in the name and url of the application.