Communication and Environmental Control


The PICTOCOM system is an Enhanced Alternative Communication (EAC) tool. This solution enables users to communicate by selecting pictograms, images or text, included in a succession of tree structures.

Fully customizable, its environment adapts to every need or specificity.

Baniére Pictocom

Home automation

Pictocom also offers the possibility of controlling your environment.

Infrared, radiofrequency or wifi, hardware extensions enable you to control your environment:

5 modes d'interaction

Head movements

Eye control

Sequential mode with contactor

Mouse or Trackball


On request

The PICTOCOM system is designed to adapt to as many users as possible. Each situation is unique, with a free customized study carried out by our consultants. 

A trial version is available to test your equipment if required.  Standard tree structures are available on request.

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