Our Integrations

Head Pilot technology

Head pilot is the result of a development of optical systems and algorithms for the extraction of geometric data in the field of stellar sighting. This technology is based on the analysis of multiple fixed points (stars) from a moving object (camera).

Thanks to R&D work on this technology, ACCESS-MAN has made it possible to analyze a video stream of moving and self-calibrating points on the user’s face using a conventional fixed webcam.

A vector algorithm by anticipation of the movement brings the fluidity of treatment of the targeted coordinates.


Head Pilot technology can be integrated as a development kit (SDK) or library into an existing product. It allows your product to be enriched with a contactless functionality in order to complete or replace the touch, keyboard and mouse mode.

This mode of operation has already been tested on the biometric reader of the Morphowave range, and on the CPO preventive control tool so that users can perform their task without contact with it.

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