ABILITY BROWSER Un web accessible en toute autonomie

ABILITY BROWSER : An autonomous web

Navigate and interact on the web without contact !

Ability Browser is a browser for people who cannot use a traditional keyboard or mouse. It encapsulates Head Pilot technology.

The user controls the cursor and generates a click by time using the webcam and head movements alone. A menu is always available to activate the auto-click, to choose the type of click and to access many functions.

The virtual keyboard is automatically deployed when the user selects a text field.

Its configuration guarantees an experience adapted to meet the needs of its user.

Free for all users, it relies on the support of partner sites for whom accessibility goes beyond the imposed standards and is taken into account by ALL

This is why our users are invited to tell us the names of their favourite websites that do not yet benefit from this innovative accessibility.

Product strengths

Quick overview of Ability Browser

Prices & Compatibility

Ability Browser works with a standard webcam of at least 30 frames/sec.

Windows 10


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ability Browser completely free?

Yes, the download and use is completely free for all users.

How can we help you increase the number of partner sites?

In the interest of all users, we invite you to approach the associations to support our efforts.

The consideration of our users by the different decision makers requires the support of everyone. 

Is navigation and interaction possible on all sites?

Yes, partner sites have unlimited accessibility. For all others, 5 minutes of accessibility per day are offered.

We invite you to contact us and submit your favourite sites in order to inform them of your accessibility problem.

Can Ability Browser be used independently?

Once the browser has been launched, it can be used entirely with head movements (navigation, settings, adjustments, etc.).

During the first use, a third person may be required to install the program.

For more autonomy, we advise you to make sure that the automatic launch is correctly set when the computer is started.