For over 4 years, ACCESS-MAN has been developing and distributing digital accessibility solutions for people with disabilities. The designer/user relationship is at the heart of all our technological developments currently available.

It is therefore quite natural that our human and material resources contribute to the opening of this new support service offered to organizations wishing to comply with current regulations.

As a reminder, the General Accessibility Improvement Reference Framework (RGAA) is the technical basis of the law N°2005-102 of February 11, 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people (art.47). It obliges legal entities under public law, and legal entities under private law (under certain conditions), to publish a declaration of digital accessibility. It concerns the conformity of their internet site, intranet, applications and urban furniture. An accessibility audit is then necessary to inform the rate of compliance and the non-conformities noted.

In addition, the strategy adopted must be included in a multi-year compliance plan, which includes the current annual action plan. This information must also be published.

ACCESS-MAN submits its conclusions in a detailed audit report. This report includes the results of the verification of the 13 themes regrouping the 106 criteria to be respected; with an average of 3 tests per criterion. This report includes recommendations and priorities for correction in order to orientate the work in an efficient way. For each non-conformity identified, ACCESS-MAN provides you with a technical corrective solution.

Among our customers we can reference a governmental website.