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During the month of November, the TechLab team was able to test our new version of Head Pilot and our ACCESSwitch interface.

The Head Pilot software solution guarantees the piloting of a PC with only the movements of the head. More ergonomic and more intuitive, this new version seduces.

The TechLab team particularly appreciated the absence of additional hardware for its operation, and of infrared for its use.

Head Pilot distinguishes itself with a very attractive price.

ACCESSwitch was noticed for its ergonomics. The Techab often and preferably recommends an interface more compact than the traditional wired boxes. The configuration software supplied with the adapter makes it easy to program without having to dismantle it.

The TechLab announces that ACCESSwitch will be the subject of an upcoming review presented in the APF Lab le Hub data sheets.

ACCESS-MAN thanks Mr. Thierry DANIGO and his team for their analysis and articles.