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Pictocom is a software

helping communication

and home automation

based on the use of simple pictograms



One month trial

Pictocom adds new features which is revolutionizing access to home automation, computing and communication.
It turns into one sole interactive “multimodal” system allowing for touch, keyboard, mouse, voice and head movement (Head Pilot Inside) commands or in sequential mode when using a switch.
You deploy Pictocom™ by
  • A touch screen
  • Head movements or nods (HeadPilot Inside)
  • A mouse or trackball
  • A switch sequence control
  • Speech recognition



Download the datasheet here : Logo pdf

Adaptable as much as you need

Pictocom commands commonly used electronic devices such as TVs and DVDs, etc by an infrared symbol association. Pictograms can also be associated with internet links (social media websites for example), IT applications (email, specific communication software or work software). With Head Pilot included directly in the software, you can control it with a node of your head. Head Pilot doesn’t need any specific infrared camera to work.

The software is based on the CiviKey virtual keyboard regarding text typing. We invite you to download this virtual keyboard on their website to get the latest update.

System specifications

  • User autonomy
  • Simple user interface
  • Unlimited functions
  • Customizable interface
  • Wide range of icons
  • Installs easily on any support

With Pictocom, control your home

tvdvd volet