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The Accessman Vision


The digital world is now taking up more of our daily lives. We can access information thanks to the internet from any terminal, anywhere in the world, from any type of terminal. Touch screens offer quick and intuitive access to the internet. “Screens” have become widespread.


This digital world, however, is still closely linked with the real world through the ability to interact with all of us.

While it may help to get rid of differences between people, this new world has its barriers for those with less independence, thereby increasing their level of anxiety.

Accessman strives to make the digital world more accessible by offering simple solutions to the user, regardless of disability, so that they may better interact with devices.


 « Accessibility concerns not just places. It also concerns the Numeric world. And this Numeric world should not provide additional barriers or stop sign, but additional chances and additional power. That is the reason why the accessibility of State websites is our first priority.” said the French President of the Republic at the National Handicap Conference in december 2014.

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We fully agree and provide the technology allowing to achieve this mission.


For example by using our Head Pilot software you may control a PC without having to physically touch the machine, thanks to an analysis of head movement positions together with powerful image processing algorithms.


Ability Browser is a product that places Head Pilot on web pages. A website, therefore, may be accessible by any internet user equipped with a webcam on his computer terminal.


Pictocom is a system that goes one step further. It allows communication and environment (home automation) devices  to be controlled via multimodal interaction (pointing devices, touch interaction , voice and gesture recognition, sequential system).

You can browse our website to get the full feel of our solutions and hope that they fit your needs. By all means do spread the word of Accessman to the world !


Enter the digital world of tomorrow and help us pursue our efforts to create a future without any barriers.



testimonial_quoteAccess Man has greatly improved the quality of my life since my accident two years ago. I am thrilled to be able to use my PC again and have limitless contact with the world, without having to rely on my husband to help me with typing. A breath of fresh air! Thank you so much.

testimonial_quoteI had an accident in 2003 that made me quadriplegic, [ …]. With a node of the head, I can now control the software that controls my home automation. It’s very innovative and it enables people with disabilities like me to regain autonomy. It makes our lives easier.

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