About Us

Access Man is the work of a dedicated development team Starnav, founded and managed by CEO Georges Lamy au Rousseau. Starnav is an award winning specialist business renowned for extracting geometric data from images and a leader in providing highly innovative solutions in the field of astral navigation.
Access Man was born out of this scientific creation.

Our expertise addresses a wide range of issues.

Two main themes emerge from our work:


  • Change how we interact with the digital world . In this area STARNAV has developed in this field Human Machine Interface solutions based on video streaming analysis, which gave birth to the Access Man brand.
    • Pictocom
    • Head Pilot
    • Head Pilot Online
  • Offer highly innovative solutions in the field of astro navigation. Our research gives us the opportunity to develop altitude resetting systems or analysis based on positioning analysis of the position of stars, planets, the moon and the sun. These measures are absolute (without drift) and highly precise.