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What is Head Pilot Online ?

HEADPILOTWebsites can now integrate an innovative technology: Head Pilot Online. This tool allows you to navigate through compatible websites with nods of your head.


A few steps are mandatory:

  1. PictoWindows8 android Use Windows on a pc or on a tablet (Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10). You can now use Android.
  2. PictoWebcam  Plug in a webcam or use the built in webcam
  3. HEADPILOT  Download and install Head Pilot Online or u go on the Google Play store for android devices android *
  4. Click on the , le lien Start” ou l’image Image ON OFF Head Pilot Online.
  5. And tadaaa! Head Pilot Online is on : Move your head!

If you need some more information or if you have any problem, please follow this link on the accessman website.


* For Android devices, it is mandatory to root the device. We are working hard to avoid this unpleasant operation.


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