699,00 TTC

The Pictocom license will let you use all of the Pictocom capabilities for an unlimited period of time.

Don’t forget to complete your basket with the IRTrans Module to enable the infrared environement control feature.



You can enjoy all the benefits of Pictocom’s integrated functions upon purchase of our unlimited time license.

Here are the main features offered by the software, all fully configurable:

  • View images (subtitling text or not)
  • Play sounds
  • Say the text (TTS SAPI compatible with those installed on your pc)
  • The environmental control: can replace your infrared remote control –> don’t forget to buy a IRTrans module to enable this feature.
  • Launch application on your computer
  • Start Internet shortcuts
  • Send mail (pre-written)
  • Launch of the virtual keyboard (Civikey or any other you choose)
  • Follow the pain level: intended particularly for health facility to qualify and monitor the level of pain of patients.

Access through the following

  • Touch screen (if installed on a compatible tablet)
  • Keyboard / Mouse
  • Head Pilot: by head movements
  • Sequence control switch
  • Speech recognition (choose a good microphone)


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